The Bronkhorst FLEXI-FLOW™ Compact Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Bronkhorst's FLEXI-FLOW™ combines the benefits of a novel through-chip sensor with established by-pass technology. The small thermal mass flow meters and controllers are 35% smaller than typical instruments, making them the smallest on the market at flow rates of up to 20 ln/min. The devices provide highly steady flow control and quick control, with settling times of less than 150 ms, thanks to the innovative sensor method.
  • Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature, and pressure in one instrument
  • Simple and secure connection through Bluetooth and comprehensive App
  • Superior accuracy through onboard gas database and real time conversions
  • NAMUR status indication keeps you informed about your process
  • Adaptable to many applications through wide dynamic range of measurement and control
  • Dynamic flow ranges up to 1:1000
Contact Swanson Flo for more information about the performance, application, and ordering of the Bronkhorst FLEXI-FLOW™ compact mass flow meter and controller.

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